Pasand Ki Shadi Mein Rukawat Ka Wazifa and Dua Tarika

Pasand Ki Shadi Mein Rukawat Ka Wazifa

Life runs at a fast pace now days. People get married and separated every minute. Some couple is probably getting married to each other as you read this. However, as it happens marriage does not bring only joy into the life of everyone. Some marriages tend to depress and sadden people also. The person who is most prone to get hurt out of a marriage is someone who has vested interest in one of the people getting married.

Pasand Ki Shadi mein Rukawat Ka Wazifa

These people could be the ones who love the person getting married. These people probably believe that no one can love them they way they do. No one would sacrifice for them and care about them as much as they can. Are you one of those people who are on the verge of receiving immense heartache? Are you feeling helpless because the person you love is probably being forced into marrying some other stranger who will never able to comprehend your love for them? It is now time to take matter into your own responsible hands. With the help of pasand ki shadi mein rukawat ka wazifa you can obstruct any marriage you want to. Any couple about to be betrothed into a relation that you do not approve of can be now stopped from being commenced.

Pasand Ki Shadi Mein Rukawat Ki Dua

This wazifa not only helps you to break off some other couple’s marriage. Your own marriage can be obstructed with the help of pasand ki shadi mein rukawat ki dua. Muslim families are infamous for marrying off their young members without their consent especially their daughters who aren’t even consulted about their marriages. If you are one of those getting victimised due to such practices can now opt to this tarika that assures breakage of any kind of marriage you want. Through pasand ki shadi mein rukawat ka wazifa you can bypass your elders and stop your own marriage also without anyone knowing how and why it happened. This tor is applicable for all conceivable marriages possible. Any marriage you are not satisfied with can be dispersed with through the help of this pasand ki shadi mein rukawat ki dua.

Ya Waadudo Ya Raaufo Ya Rahimon Wallah

Ya Allahu Raaufo Ya Rahimon Sallahu

Pasand Ki Shadi Mein Rukawat Ka Tarika

If your girlfriend or boyfriend is getting married due to family pressure and you are finding yourself helpless and depressed most of the time then it is time to let those feelings go. Pick yourselves up with the help of pasand ki shadi mein rukawat ka tarika that involves recitation and enchantment of the dua after the namaz. Repeat this after your prayers at least 20 times along with the full name of the person you are targeting it at. The pasand ki shadi me bandish ka tor will put restrains on the marriage ultimately failing it from getting conceived. This method is bound to get success with enough faith in Allah and in his prescribed method.

Pasand Ki Shadi Mein Rukawat Ka Wazifa and Dua Tarika

Pasand Ki Shadi Me Bandish Ka Tor

Pasand ki shadi me bandish ka tor works for all kinds of marriages that haven’t been able to complete yet. Allah the all mighty foresaw these conundrums that heart would have to deal with in the future. Therefore he provided with these steps so that we can be relieved of such problems. This dua has been derived from the Quran the holy book itself. Through constant research and study of the Islamic literature and ancient manuscripts these specialists and analysts have been now able to extract this Urdu tarika to enable people to face such problems of the heart. Pasand ki shadi mein rukawat ka tarika is approved by the all watching Allah himself so you can be assured of no interference of devilry in this dua.

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