Pyar ko Hasil Karne Ki Dua, Wazifa, Taweez and Tarike

Pyar Ko Hasil Karne Ki Dua In Islam

pyar ko hasil karne ki duaOften, we get so much mad in love that we want our lover at any cost. No matter what it takes but it gets a matter of life and death to own your lover. But, is it halal in Islam? Can you love someone to such an extent that you wish to own them at any price!!! Well, yes… The Quran does mentions about die-heart loving and “kisi bi Keemat pe pyar ko hasil karne ka tarika”. When you get in touch with a known and experienced Islamic scholar, they will tell the perfect pyar ko hasil karne ki dua. The dua is so powerful that you can easily win your lover and get married to them and spend a happy and content life.

There are times, when your lover doesn’t pay heed to you or ignores you just because you aren’t that attractive. Maybe you have tried a hundred times to speak to them and share your feelings. But they don’t just give it any importance. Well, at that point of time, the pyar ko hasil karne ka wazifa is of great help. The hasil karne ka wazifa doesn’t just help you in getting attention of your lover, but also they get attracted to you.

Pyar Ko Hasil Karne Ka Taweez

pyar ko hasil karne ke tarike in islamYou will not believe your eyes, when situations start falling into place and your lover leaves no chance of meeting you and proposes you on your own. There is nothing wrong in loving someone and praying to Allah (swt) for their involvement in your life. Islam gives you permission to pray with all your heart and it is Allah who listens to your prayers and does what is best for you. When you speak to an astrologer, they guide you and provide you with apt wazifa and pyar ko hasil karne ki taweez to win over your lover. The pyar ko hasil karne ka taweez does half of the work. It creates an emotional connection between you two. It attracts your lover towards you. You can easily get the taweez from an experienced astrologer.

Pyar Ko Hasil karne Ka Wazifa and Tarike in Urdu

pyar ko hasil karne ka wazifaIf you have lost all hopes and have given up on your lover, do not worry. With the pyar ko hasil karne ka wazifa, you can definitely win their hearts and get their love for the rest of your life. The pyar ko hasil karne ka tarike in Urdu is mentioned below:

  • Recite the wazifa on every Thursday.
  • Make ablution and lay down on your bed
  • Whether the bed is set on the floor or bed, it doesn’t matter. The bedding should be clean
  • The dua is “Kad Shagafaha Hubban” repeat it for 101 times.
  • Do not forget to include Durood-e-Shareef in the beginning and at the end of the dua.
  • Make sure you think of your lover while reciting the wazifa.
  • You will see that in a few days, your lover will be with you.
  • You need to perform the wazifa for 21 days.

The pyar ko hasil karne ki Dua in Urdu language is-     قاد شاغفها حبان

So, do not lose hope and pray to the Almighty for your lover. Make sure you do it with a clean body and heart. And always remember that you have to use it for a legit purpose. You cannot break relationship and win over someone. With the knowledge of an experienced astrologer, you can get detailed knowledge about the amal, dua, wazifa and taweez. Always remember to perform the wazifa as directed by the astrologer. Any divergence could lead to failure of the procedure. You will be surprised to see the result of the wazifa. Your lover will be under your control and will adore you like he/ she have never done that before.

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