Shohar Ko Apne Bas Me Karne Ka Wazifa, Dua and Amal Tarika

Shohar Ko Apne Bas Me Karne Ka Wazifa

shohar ko apne bas me karne ki duaA marriage is like a vehicle with two wheels. If any of these wheels fails to perform as required the vehicle is bound to crash. Many of us have witnessed or experienced situations where one of the partners ceases to cooperate in the relationship. This stage become suffocating and frustrating for the victimized partner as he or generally she has to bear all the responsibilities without a handout which is preposterous for the other partner to expect. Emphasis has been given on the male gender as they are the ones developing most of these problems especially if it is a Muslim marriage which is the epitome of patriarchal values. Male dominance runs in most Muslim families and as a result poor Muslim women have to suffer due to all of this. Muslim women are the ones who sacrifice near everything for the person they have not even met before marriage. Such conclusions can be changes with the help of shohar ko apne bas me karne ka wazifa. This wazifa will transform your stubborn shohar into the loving and all ears husband you were promised at the time of marriage.

Shohar Ko Apne Bas Me Karne Ki Dua

It is more than a popular fact that Muslim men usually do not respect women in their family as much as they are supposed to. A woman’s word is considered lightly. Muslim women who are suffering due to the disobedience of their shohars need to claim their right. Through shohar ko bas me karne ka tarika you can achieve this. You will be required to recite the dua after the namaz and prayers at least 20 times along with your husband’s name. If followed properly the wazifa will work like a charm.

Shohar Ko Bas Me Karne Ka Amal

shohar ko apne bas me karne ka amalShohar ko bas me karne ka amal works mysteriously. It transforms the man’s mind completely. It get rewired to stay under the wife’s control. Muslim wives can now happily control actions and words of their husbands. They can manipulate them and use them however they feel like. Shohars will ask your permission before any relevant decision making. They will start respecting you and your opinion more than ever. This amal puts a leash on the wayward husbands who make it a tendency to turn their deaf ears towards their wives. This wazifa will put reigns of your marriage in your more than capable hands. If your husband has stopped listening to you and is whirring out of control completely then this dua is meant for you.

Shohar ko bas me karne ka tarika provides you with the means to rebuild your marriage. This tarika has saved several marriages with similar issues.

Bismillaah Hirra Rahmaan Noor Rahim

Sallah Allahu Allahu Mohammad Sallah Allahu Alayhe Wassallam

Wa-alqayatyu Aalayaka

shohar ko apne bas me karne ka wazifaShohar ko apne bas me karne ka wazifa can magically transfigure your husband’s personality overnight. This dua has helped innumerable Muslim wives. Several soured relations have been sweetened with this solution. Allah has himself incorporated the holy book with this dua. It had been hidden away within the contexts of Quran now deciphered by researchers and analysts. These specialists of Islamic literatures and manuscripts have been at research for several years now. Recently they finally succeeded in deciphering the shohar ko apne bas me karne ki dua which has the blessings of the almighty Allah himself. The almighty and all seeing Allah foresaw these problems and provided a cure in the holiest of the holy books, Quran. With the correct methodology and sufficient faith in the procedure one can achieve gateway to Allah’s mind. Through this shohar ko apne bas me karne ki dua you will be able to convey your message to Allah and he will work his angels for your cause overnight.

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