Shohar Ko Sidha Karne Ya Sudharne ka Tarika, Totke and Upay in Urdu

Apne Shohar Ko Sidha Karne Ka Tarika in Islam

shohar ko sidha karne ka tarikaAre you tired of the arrogance and mischiefs of your husband? Does he always abuses you and has a rude behavior towards the world? Well, if you’ve been suffering with this issue since your marriage, then it is high time. You really need to do something about it. And trust you me, there is nothing in the world that can change this attitude of his! However, Islam has a solution to all your problems. Yes, the Quran gives you the remedy to control your control and to improve your husband and bring him to the right path. The shohar ko sidha karne ka tarika can help you bring a change in the personality of your husband and make him calm towards the other things of life.

Shohar Ko Sudarne Ke Upay in Islam in Urdu

shohar ko sudharne ka Tarike in UrduDo not be worried if your husband has a poor feedback for your every time or if he insults you every now and then. For all your worries, you can speak to an Islamic astrologer who will help you with the right shohar ko sudharne ke upay. Once you get the upay, nothing is impossible. So, share your grieves with an astrologer as soon as possible to get the perfect solution. With years of knowledge and experience, the astrologer shall provide you with the apt totke which are feasible for your situation.

A couple starts losing its appeal when either of the spouses fails to live up to the expectation and very often the divergence is seen from the husband’s side. A large number of times, the husband seems to get attracted to other woman which isn’t acceptable. Or there are times, when the husband isn’t so much into Deen and Islam and the wife is getting troubled by his deeds. It is for this situation that Allah (swt) has given his Ummah a commendable dua that could help a wife bring her husband to the right path of Islam.

Shohar ko Sudharne ka Totke :

  • The wazifa needs to be performed after the obligatory prayers of the night i.e. Isha or morning i.e. Fajr.
  • You have to recite Surah Naziat verse number 19 for 101 times.
  • “wa’ahdiak a ‘iilaarabbikfatakhshaa”
  • Blow it on a glass of water and make your husband drink that water.
  • The purpose during the blow should be that you want your husband to be yours in a good marital relation, to love you and care for you by giving up all the forbidden lusts and illegible deeds, have a good attitude towards you and others.
  • You can perform this wazifa for the number of days you want. There isn’t any fixed time.
  • Insha Allah you will start seeing change in his attitude in a few days’ time.

shohar ko sudharne ke totkeWhether you husband is loose character, nymphomaniac or doesn’t fulfill the right arkaans of Islam, do not worry. Speak to an astrologer and get the right advice for your problem. The benefit of seeking the guidance of an astrologer is that they render customized guidance. They speed up your task and this way you get instant result for your problem. Do not lose hope and have complete faith in Allah (swt). You shall definitely find peace.

The shohar ko sudhar ne ka tarika in Urdu is mentioned below:

وأهديك أ إلىربكفتخشى

When everything isn’t going good, make sure you seek refuge in the holy Quran. Do not lose heart. Recite the wazifa and get good results. And, if the problem persists, even after the wazifa, it means you have gone wrong somewhere. You need to seek instant guidance of a good Islamic astrologer.

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