Powerful Dua and Wazifa To Control Angry Husband or To Make Him Love Me

Powerful Dua and Wazifa To Control Your Husband Mind

wazifa to control husband angerMarital relation requires love and attention to become successful. Sometimes anger becomes the reason for making the relationship of husband and wife unhealthy and weak. Being a good wife, you should try to avoid your anger and you should not do anything that will make your husband angry. Even if you are doing everything right and you are behaving nicely with your husband but then also you have to face your husband’s anger then you should recite powerful dua to control husband mind. This dua will make you capable to control your husband and then you can make your husband obey you.

If your marital relationship has become pathetic because of the anger and bad behavior of your husband then you should take help of this Powerful wazifa to control husband mind. This wazifa has proved to be beneficial for lots of married women. It will do the best for you. This wazifa will give you control over your husband and his anger. Then your husband will never treat you angrily. He will not even speak to you harshly. This wazifa is only for married women and they should perform it only for their husbands. The guidelines to perform Powerful wazifa to control husband mind is given below-

Islamic Wazifa To Control Husband Anger

  • Wazifa To Control Husband MindAfter namaz-e-isha, you have to take 2 almonds and put them on your tongue;
  • Recite “Durood sharif” for 11 times keeping those almonds in your mouth and think about your husband while doing so;
  • Now open Chapter 16 of Quran, Surah Taha, and recite ayat no.39 for 500 times in this way- Wa-alqaytu ‘Alayka ma’habbatanminnee walitusna-‘a ‘ala A’aynee.
  • Only this part of ayat you have to recite and not the whole one.
  • After reciting this part of ayat for 100 times, you have to take out the almonds from your mouth and blow your breathe on them;
  • You should not clean the almonds and just put them back in your mouth;
  • Again do the same what is given in above written steps;
  • Do it for 5 times daily and then wrap the almonds in a piece of paper and keep them on a safe place;
  • Same almonds you have to use for performing this wazifa everyday;
  • After doing this wazifa for 5 days, you should make your husband eat those almonds somehow;
  • You can mix these almonds in a sweet dish so that your husband will eat it easily and he will not doubt you.

With the blessings of the almighty Allah (swt), your husband will start giving respect and love to you after completion of this Islamic Wazifa to control husband anger. You will never see anger on your husband’s face again. He will just remain in a happy and loving mood with you as this wazifa will turn your husband’s angry and bad mood into a good and loving one.

Dua To Make My Husband Love Me

Dua To Make My Husband Love MeIf there is lack of love in your marital relationship and you want to increase it then you should recite Dua to make my husband love me. If you recite this dua in a proper way and on regular basis, surely your married life will become prosperous, joyful and exciting. You will get lot of love from your husband’s side and then your bonding with your husband will become stronger. With your pure heart and complete dedication, you should recite Dua to make my husband love me. Surely, Allah (swt) will listen to your prayer and he will remove all the problems from your married life so that you can stay happily and peacefully with your husband. Then there will be nothing to separate you from your husband. If you are not satisfied with your married life and think that your husband does not love you anymore, just consult our holi spirit Molvi Sufi Sultan Ji and He will be able to bring your husband’s love back to you through holy islamic dua and wazifa prayers.

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  1. I need your help my husband is angry with me and I said if I made mistake which I didn’t then I’m sorry but he won’t forgive me and his second wife was perfectly fine with me we lived and eat in same plate together now they both have nafarat for me please help me

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